Celebrate Yom Kippur With Jewish Athletes

For reasons that aren’t totally clear to me InGameNow decided to take Yom Kippur as an opportunity to list their top 37 Jewish athletes.  Now, I’m not sure what Yom Kippur has to do with athletics, and I have no idea where they came up with 37 (36 would at least have been double chai) but it’s a pretty bizarre/interesting list.  Here are the top ten:
1.Dara TorresDara Torres athletes, athletics, Jewish
2. Corey Pavin
3. Kevin Youkilis
4. Larry Brown
5. Kurt Angle
6. Hank Greenberg
7. Mark Spitz
8. Sandy Koufax
9. Ian Kinsler
10. Sasha Cohen
And 27 more …

I’m not a big baseball person, but I kind of can’t believe that Sandy Koufax is eight and not, like, two.  Also: Really, Dara Torres as number one?  Just because she’s hot?  And isn’t Corey Pavin a born-again Christian?  Jewish sports journalists are also included in the list, which is confusing, because writing is hard, but not exactly athletic, and also because I would rather leave Marv Albert and his general sketchiness off of any list.

For more about Jewish athletes (and we take that term a little more seriously than InGameNow) check out our section on Jews and Sports.

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