Aramaic for the Masses

Over at the Aramaic Blog there’s news of an online Introduction to Aramaic course being offered at a discount to those who want to sign up early:

An Introduction to Aramaic contains a full semester’s worth of learning material, available to you at a pre-sale discount to learn at your own pace. When enrolled in the course as a pre-sale student, you will have access to each lesson as they reach the website at the discounted rate. Through our virtual classroom you will learn through exposure to original documents, audio pronunciation guides, audio lectures, an extensive vocabulary and grammar building battery, and one-on-one instructor interaction. Full price sales begin November 1st.

It’s $150 if you sign up now, which is a pretty good deal.  I know not everyone is an Aramaic dweeb like me, but if you are, this is perfect (and cheap!).

Also at the Aramaic blog, possibly the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen.  This is model Danielle Lloyd’s neck:

Danielle Lloyd tattoo Aramaic transliteration

Yes, it says “only God can judge me only God can judge me” in poorly transliterated Hebrew.  I don’t even know what to say about that except that, well, I’m judging her.

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