I should have majored in Marketing.

As I’ve previously made hints to, I’m a pretty big Sacramento Kings fan.  So when I was in Sacramento last December, it only made sense for me to go to a game.  Being the poor college student that I was, my seats were literally in the last row.

At half time, the Kings honored one of their season ticket holders for his commitment to the team.  I was offended.  Somehow, this millionaire 60 year old gets to be cheered for by a crowd of 16,000, while I, who stopped eating for two days to be able to afford my ticket, had to sit in the last row.

Where am I going with this (where am I ever going with these rants is the real question)?  If you check out the discussion section on the MyJewishLearning site, you will see that a discussion on intermarriage has evolved into one on the merits of giving aliyot (Torah honors) in synagogue to people who donate money.

Now this got me thinking.  Why don’t synagogues use Ebay to auction off aliyot?  This might not work on a regular Shabbat, but it would certainly work on the High Holidays.  I searched on Ebay and found out that no one has thought of this yet.  This is a cash grab if I’ve ever seen one.  Sadly, with this theory, I will never have an aliyah again.

I would auction an aliyah on Ebay but, alas, I a) don’t have an account b) don’t have any aliyot to give away.  I’ve always been more of a thinker than a doer anyways.

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