Now I Just Need a Shomer Shabbas Computer to Read These Stories

If a shomer shabbas toothbrush wasn’t enough for you, can you try a shomer shabbas lamp or one of the many other inventions being that help help observant Jews cope with modernity on Shabbat. This week the New York Times featured an article about the growing number of companies offering such products.

The article highlighted the Zomet Institute, a leader in this field, which “created the metal detectors used to screen worshippers at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, in a manner that uses electricity in a way not prohibited on the Sabbath. It also developed pens that use ink that disappears after a few days, based on a rabbinic interpretation that only forbids permanent writing, and Sabbath phones, which are dialed in an indirect manner with special buttons and a microprocessor. ” (MORE)

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