Gossip Girl Does Have Jews

Much has been written in the New York blogosphere about the real-ness quotient on CW’s addicting new hit Gossip Girl.

Former Gawker and now Jewcy writer Emily Gould has been shocked that there are no Jews in the preppy world of Upper East Side boarding schools. Perhaps true on the TV show. But were anyone to have read the book series on which the show is based (I have a long commute), they would know that one of the main families on the show is indeed Jewish.

Readers learn in Nothing Can Keep Us Together that the Humphrey clan, the hippie crew from, gasp, the West Side in the books, are Members of the Tribe. Young Jenny will be “attending some famous Czech art camp–something she’d committed to over Passover under the influence of too much Manischewitz wine.”

Reality factor goes way up.

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