Fellowships for Young Jews

You know when all of the Jewish blogs are talking about the same thing that either a) We all got the same email asking us to promote a program or b) It’s a slow season.

I think this week is a little of both. But some of those programs we’ve been receiving emails about are so exciting and important enough to promote them in as many venues as possible.

As Jewschool wrote about yesterday, there are many fellowships for young Jews. Three of the newest ones are:

Shapiro Family Fellowship

The program is designed to help future leaders of the worldwide Jewish community connect with peers and mentors in the United States and Israel.

In 2008, Shapiro Family Fellowship will be awarded to 15 promising individuals ages 22 to 28 who currently live in the greater New York metropolitan area and who have previously been to Israel. Each one-year fellowship will have as its centerpiece a fully paid, 17-day trip to Israel featuring exclusive meetings with Israeli professionals and experts in the fellow’s chosen careers, as well as other leaders. The Shapiro family will also invite fellows to exclusive programs, workshops, and high-profile lectures in New York during the balance of the fellowship year.

If you are ready to take an active leadership role, or if you know someone who is a promising candidate, click this link for more information

Robert and Elisa Spungen Bildner Fellowship

Sponsored by the Foundation for Jewish Camping and Brandeis University, this full scholarship toward a degree from Brandeis’ Hornstein Program for those who are interested in going into Jewish camping as a professional.

Robert and Elisa Spungen Bildner Fellowship presents the opportunity to provide the Jewish camp community with the kind of well-trained professionals that it needs for its continued success. The Foundation for Jewish camping is dedicated to professionalizing the field of Jewish camping and proud to establish a fellowship that supports a professional degree in the field.

INSIGHT: The Schusterman Fellowship for Jewish Community.

After months of developing a multifaceted fellowship for college graduates to explore the world of non-profit work in the Jewish community, the Center for Leadership Initiatives is pleased to be accepting applications for the first cohort. Through a rigorous application and selection process, we will be seeking recent graduates and those who have been out of school for a few years who are motivated, curious and inspired to explore the world of Jewish non-profit at some of the most interesting and innovative organizations in the community.

We expect the first cohort (beginning September 2008) to look as diverse as the Jewish community itself. All levels of affiliation are welcome – most importantly, we are seeking unique, self-aware, ambitious and bright individuals who are interested in exploring the Jewish non-profit world and learning from the sector’s leaders and experts.

Online Applications are available here.

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