Dance to the Music?

I was at another wedding this weekend, actually done by the same rabbi who I’ve previously blogged about.

But what I want to address was the music at this simcha. The band, the Nafshenu Orchestra, was the most versitile and enjoyable group I have ever heard at a wedding.  The range of songs was amazing: Israeli pop, Broadway show tunes, Disney melodies, Motown, more. The hora lasted for more than hour and had everyone dancing–from grandparents in their 90s to 3-year-old children.

The only song that was a bit confusing, was a mix at the end of the night. The song started out as “The Roof is on Fire,” but quickly changed into “Ani Ma’amin/Moshiach,” with a pop beat of course. Then the song morphed into “I Like to Move It” and then back to Ani Ma’amin to the “I Like to Move It” melody. We were all dancing at the beginning of the song, as 20-somethings would at a club. But when the Jewish lyrics came in, we didn’t know what to do. Stop dancing? Dance more modestly?

In the end, we continued to boggy while laughing hysterically. Anything to rejoice in the bride and groom.

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