Trembling Before Allah

Sandi Dubowski, director of Trembling Before God, the remarkable documentary about gay Orthodox Jews, has just announced the premier of a similarly-themed film, which he produced: A Jihad For Love, directed by Parvez Sharma.

In a time when Islam is under tremendous attack – from within and without -‘A Jihad for Love’ is a daring documentary filmed in twelve countries and nine languages. Muslim gay filmmaker Parvez Sharma has gone where the silence is strongest, filming with great risk in nations where government permission to make this film was not an option. A Jihad for Love is the first-ever feature-length documentary to explore the complex global intersections of Islam and homosexuality. With unprecedented access and depth, Sharma brings to light the hidden lives of gay and lesbian Muslims from countries like Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, France, India, and South Africa. (MORE)

The film will premier at the Toronto International Film Festival, which begins next week. Interestingly, the film’s original working title was In the Name of Allah.

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