Where’s Big Bird When You Need Him?

“The cats here are asleep- the poor, wretched, imprisoned cats. I feel like abusing them.”

Just another classic quote from Tomorrow’s Pioneers, Hamas’ premier children’s show. In a recent segment, Nahoul the Bee shows children “how not to treat animals.” But perhaps picking up cats by their tails and throwing stones at lions isn’t the best way to do so.


This isn’t the first time that Nahoul has been in the news. He replaced Farfour the Mouse, a Mickey look-a-like, who was beaten to death by an Israeli trying to by his land. As the child host of the show tells the audience, “Farfour was martyred while defending his land.�

But will Nahoul bee as popular with children? He was introduced as Farfour’s cousin, which is just silly. Even brainwashed children should know that bees and mice aren’t related.

Don’t worry, though. Calev Ben-David of the Jerusalem Post has some suggestions for a new lead character, including:

Jiha-Dora the Explorer – Jiha-Dora is a little Palestinian girl who every program must go on a special quest while wearing her magic explosive Backpack, a character in itself which helps her find her way though various obstacles to a selected target area (an Israeli bus, schoolyard or pizza parlor). Jiha-Dora also has a cute monkey sidekick, Boots Rantisi, who helps her avoid the traps laid for her along the way by the crafty fox Zionist Land-Swiper, and she also has two loving parents, Umm Jiha-Dora and Abu Jiha-Dora, to encourage her in following the path to martyrdom. (MORE)

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