Lunch Break! (MJL Style).

At MJL, we live, breathe, and even eat Jewish learning. Though we dedicate our entire day to bringing you interesting and educational Jewish-related materials, today we even spent our lunch break having a cultural learning experience that I feel compelled to share.

In a symbolic commemoration of a passage made by a courageous group of Jews about 16 years ago, our own Senior Editor, Meredith, threw caution to the wind and set out on a journey of her own, which took her from our little nook here on 35th and 8th all the way to 10th between 45th and 46th, and back of course.

Though her arrival was much less dramatic than the arrival of over 14,000 Ethiopians to Israel in 1991, in what became known as Operation Solomon, we welcomed her with open arms.

She came bearing the fruits of a successful journey, which wasn’t fruit at all; it was two delicious platters of Ethiopian cuisine. These platters were filled with plenty of Injera, a soft, unleavened, gray pancake, and several different vegetable stews. We enjoyed the food, but even more pleasing was that we learned about an often forgotten delegation of Jews.

(Matt Ring is the summer intern at

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