Science & Judaism

I’m pleased to announce MJL’s newest section: Science & Judaism.

We’ll be rolling out some more content (including a sub-section on Judaism and the Social Sciences) within the next couple of months, but yesterday we published a slew of new articles on the history of Judaism and science and the creationism/evolution debate.

Highlights include two original articles: Matt Plen’s analysis of Orthodox thinkers like Gerald Schroeder and Nathan Aviezer who attempt to read science into the Genesis creation story; and Emma Kippley-Ogman’s article on Judaism and intelligent design.

As always, we included articles by top academics, as well, including David Ruderman on Maimonides and Jeffrey Tigay on the allegorical approach to the creation story.

If you don’t know where to begin, start with our two introductory articles:

Judaism & Science in History

Creationism & Evolution

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