Guide to Jewish Holiday Prayers

What liturgy goes with which holiday, and where you can find it.

Words to the Shema and Its Blessings

Text in English for the Shema and the three blessings that accompany it.

Highlights of the Shabbat Morning Synagogue Service

The major parts of the Saturday morning service.

Ask the Expert: The Lowdown on High Holiday Tickets

Why many synagogues are "pay to pray" -- and options for those on a budget.


The formal call to worship in morning and evening services.

Communal Prayer

Isn't it better to pray alone, without distractions?

Shabbat Liturgy

A guide to Shabbat services and what makes them unique.

Prayer Services of Rosh Hashanah

The unique New Year prayers vividly recall the major themes of the holiday.

The Torah Service

The drama of the service draws upon imagery from Israel's history of wandering in the Sinai wilderness to the worship at the Temple in Jerusalem.

Kavanah & Intention

In the words of one sage, "Prayer without kavanah is like a body without a soul."