Rabbi Louis Jacobs


Making men of clay: Can imitating God extend to the creative realm?

Do Jews Believe in Demons?

Though the idea of demons raises concerns about divine providence, belief in demons developed among some Jews throughout history.

Jewish Amulets

Belief in the power of amulets persisted widely among Jews for many centuries, and still exists in some communities today.

Evil Eye in Judaism

There are a number of Jewish practices to ward off the harmful effects of the evil eye.

Jewish Astrology

There was no Jewish prohibition against consulting the stars, but sages questioned if astrology applied to Jews.

Dreams & Dream Interpretation

Good dreams, bad dreams--what could they all mean?

Israel Zangwill

Writer expressed the struggles of a modern Jew trying to straddle two worlds.

Rabbi Yose

Early teacher of Jewish law and theology.

The Witch of Endor

Debate about this biblical story raises key theological issues.

Writing a Will

The Rabbis interpret a will as an elaborate gift, making it permissible within Jewish law.