Converting to Judaism: How to Get Started

How to find an introductory Judaism class.

Converting to Judaism G-dcast Video

What’sĀ involved in converting to Judaism? This video from our friends at G-dcast provides a quick overview. Be sure also to ...

Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Newcomers to the Tribe

Suggestions for the Jew-by-choice or the person who recently married into the Jewish community.

Ask the Expert: Adopted Mother

According to Jewish law, am I Jewish if my adopted mother is Jewish?

The Beit Din

The Jewish court of law.

What Is A Mikveh?

Whether you're dunking for conversion or for any other reason, here's what to expect at the ritual bath.

Do Jews By Choice Have to Identify Themselves?

What happens when visiting a synagogue that might not recognize your conversion.

Ask the Expert: Proselytism

Why don't Jews seek converts?

The Law of Return

An immigration policy to ensure a Jewish majority in the State of Israel.

Russian Immigrant Women in Israel

Challenges encountered by these women in their new society.