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For thousands of years Jews have been studying texts in pairs or in groups, respectfully debating each other, and learning the stories and legal texts of Judaism. How much do you know about studying Torah?

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Qustion 1. What is a talmid hakham?

A house of worship A type of Talmud A Torah scholar A medieval Torah commentary

Qustion 2. What does Judaism value more--study or action?

Study is most important because it is considered equal to all the other commandments Action is most important, as it says in Pirke Avot: "It is not the study that is essential, but rather the action" Study is most important, when it leads to action Neither is as important as meditation

Qustion 3. What does the term “talmud torah” specifically refer to?

The study of the Torah itself The study of only the Talmud The study of the Torah, rabbinic texts, medieval commentaries, and later legal and ethical writings The study of commentaries on the weekly Torah portion

Qustion 4. What is a beit midrash?

A Torah scholar A house of study A holy ark where Torah scrolls are kept A special room where only rabbis are allowed to study

Qustion 5. Before studying, it is customary to say a blessing thanking God for what?

Commanding us to occupy ourselves with the words of Torah Commanding us to learn Torah Commanding us to teach and promulgate Torah Commanding us the mitzvot in the Torah

Qustion 6. Which of these daily prayers emphasizes the obligation to study and teach Torah?

Modeh Ani Adon Olam The Shema Aleinu

Qustion 7. Rashi--an 11-century commentator--and his grandchildren were part of which school of study?

The Mishnah The Geonim The Tosafists The Kabbalists

Qustion 8. Which 20th-century Jewish scholar said: “When I pray, I speak to God; when I study, God speaks to me”?

Ovadiah Yosef Martin Buber Louis Finkelstein Judith Plaskow

Qustion 9. What does "it" refer to in this rabbinic saying: "Turn it and turn it; for everything is in it"?

The Torah The human soul The created universe The Jewish prayer book

Qustion 10. What is a d'var Torah?

A Hebrew school graduation speech A cake in the shape of a Torah eaten after services at Kiddush A short talk based on a Jewish text or theme of relevance to the occasion when it is delivered A class for bar/bat mitzvah kids, where they learn haftarah cantillation
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