Tisha B'Av Quiz

The fast day Tisha B'Av commemorates the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem and many other tragedies throughout Jewish history.

How much do you know about Tisha B'Av?

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Qustion 1. What is special name for the Shabbat immediately before Tisha B’Av?

Shabbat Hazon Shabbat Zakhor Shabbat Hahodesh Shabbat Shuva

Qustion 2. Tisha B'Av never occurs

In August In July On Shabbat On Tuesday In the Southern Hemisphere

Qustion 3. Beginning on the 1st of Av, traditionally people

Hold festive parties Start reciting Selichot prayers Do not eat meat Do not drink water Read from two Torah scrolls

Qustion 4. Who first allowed Jews to pray at the Western Wall?

Herod Hadrian Nebuchadnezzar Solomon None of the above

Qustion 5. The edict of King Edward I that forced Jews to leave England, was enacted in

1776 1492 1290 1310 1578

Qustion 6. Kinot are

Beans not to be eaten on Passover Prayers of mourning Special Torah readings Skits telling the story of the Temple Songs of praise

Qustion 7. What was the Western Wall originally the wall of?

The First Temple The Second Temple The Old City of Jerusalem Al-Aqsa Mosque

Qustion 8. What is significant about the Shabbat following Tisha B'Av?

It is also a fast day Tallit are worn at Minhah instead of Shaharit A special haftarah, Haftarat Nahamu, is read One loaf of challah is eaten instead of two

Qustion 9. True or false: The day before Tisha B'Av, one should feast like a king and have great joy.

True False

Qustion 10. True or False: Eikha is read with a special cantillation tune.

True False
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