Tisha B’Av Quiz

The fast day Tisha B’Av commemorates the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem and many other tragedies throughout Jewish history.

How much do you know about Tisha B’Av?

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Qustion 1. Which book is read on Tisha B’Av?

Lamentations Chronicles Ruth Song of Songs

Qustion 2. Which of these is NOT a term for the three weeks preceding Tisha B'Av?

The Three Weeks The Days of Mourning Bein Ha-Metzarim Between the Straits

Qustion 3. Tisha B'Av never occurs

In August In July On Shabbat On Tuesday In the Southern Hemisphere

Qustion 4. True or False: Torah study is not permitted on Tisha B'Av.

True False

Qustion 5. Who is the "weeping woman" in the prophet Jeremiah's dirges thought to be?

Eve Sarah Rachel Hannah Szenes Mother Israel

Qustion 6. True or False: Eikha is read with a special cantillation tune.

True False

Qustion 7. Who was Bar Kokhba?

The last High Priest before the destruction of the Temple The Jew who betrayed Jerusalem to the Romans A Jewish warrior who fought against the Romans The composer of Lamentations

Qustion 8. The Shabbat after Tisha B'Av is called

Shabbat Gadol Shabbat Zahor Shabbat Nahamu Shabbat Hadash Shabbat Shekalim

Qustion 9. What is a kinah?

A mournful prayer One of the elegies written by the Spanish philosopher Judah HaLevi Retellings and remembrances for destroyed Jewish communities All of the above. None of the above.

Qustion 10. Who first allowed Jews to pray at the Western Wall?

Herod Hadrian Nebuchadnezzar Solomon None of the above
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