Sukkot Quiz

Sukkot is when the sukkah, the non-permanent outdoor hut, is built. Sukkot was also once a holiday of agricultural thanksgiving, and this is celebrated with the holiday's other ritual items: the lulav and etrog. How much do you know about Sukkot?

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Qustion 1. Sukkot is often referred to as hag haasif, which means

Festival of first fruits Festival of the harvest Festival of weeks Time of the reception of Torah Cessation or solemn assembly

Qustion 2. An etrog is a variety of

Citrus Berry Apple Root vegetable

Qustion 3. Which of these is not one of the Four Species?

Myrtle. Willow. Palm. Citron. Maize.

Qustion 4. Which is not a pilgrimage festival?

Sukkot Passover Hanukkah Shavuot

Qustion 5. How many walls must a sukkah have?

At least 2. At least 3. At least 4. At least 2 1/2. Exactly 4.

Qustion 6. In which direction is the lulav shaken first?

North. East. West. South. Up.

Qustion 7. Which harvest is associated with Sukkot?

Fruit. Wheat. Cows and livestock. Corn and maize. Poultry.

Qustion 8. At which point in the service are the lulav and etrog waved?

During the Amidah. During Hallel. At the conclusion of the service. When the Ark is opened. None of the above.

Qustion 9. Which is NOT one of the four species for Sukkot?

Palm Myrtle Olive Willow

Qustion 10. Which is NOT a basic requirement of a sukkah?

It must have at least three walls The walls must be solid, so that anything outside of the sukkah cannot be seen It must be constructed from materials that can withstand an average wind The roof must be covered with a product of the earth that is no longer attached to the earth
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