Shabbat Quiz

Though many activities are forbidden on Shabbat–from writing to playing instruments–Shabbat is seen as a great gift from God to the Jewish people, and is celebrated with special songs, meals, and prayers. How much do you know about Shabbat?

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Qustion 1. True or False: Shabbat services are generally longer than weekday services.

True False

Qustion 2. What are zemirot?

Songs to be sung at Shabbat meals The term for the three Shabbat blessings over wine, bread, and candles Special kippot worn on Shabbat Snacks customarily served after Shabbat services on Friday night

Qustion 3. According to traditional observance, which of these acts is halakhically permissible on Shabbat?

Applying makeup Switching off an electric light Making a bouquet of flowers Taking a walk

Qustion 4. It is customary to give tzedakah or money to charity

At Saturday morning services Before the beginning of each Shabbat During Havdalah Before Shabbat once a year On Shabbat Tzedakah

Qustion 5. The blessing for male children invokes the biblical characters of

Abraham and Jacob Moses and Aaron Joshua and Caleb Ephraim and Menashe Sarah and Rachel

Qustion 6. The blessing over the candles is the exact same for Shabbat as it is for all other holidays.

True False

Qustion 7. Traditionally, how many stars should appear in the sky to signify the end of Shabbat?

One It doesn’t matter, as long as the North Star appears Two Three

Qustion 8. What is the proper order of the blessings in the Havdalah ceremony?

Spices, Candle, Wine Wine, Spices, Candle Candle, Wine, Challah Spices, Wine, Candle Matzah, Wine, Karpas

Qustion 9. Which of the following is NOT one of the 10 things the Zohar explains the head of the household must accomplish at the Shabbat table?

Welcome poor guests to the table Eat three festive meals Put two loaves of bread on the table Drink four cups of wine None of the above

Qustion 10. What is seudah shelishit?

The third meal on Shabbat An exception made to a Shabbat prohibition The final prayer that ends the Havdalah service One who observes all Sabbath laws faithfully
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