Purim Quiz

Purim is the most carnivalesque Jewish holiday. It is a day when norms are subverted and reversed to commemorate the reversal of fortune recorded in the Book of Esther.

How much do you know about Purim?

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Qustion 1. During Megillah reading, it is customary to say the names of Haman's sons

In English Silently All in one breath Backwards Together as a congregation

Qustion 2. Beans and peas are sometimes eaten on Purim because

To balance the calories in hamantaschen Tradition teaches that Esther was a vegetarian in the king's court It is prohibited to eat meat on Purim Persian Jews invented falafel

Qustion 3. Packages of food and other small treats that are offered to friends and family are called

Matanot la'evyonim Pur Mishloach manot Hiddur mitzvah

Qustion 4. The Megillah scroll should be

Read while reclining in a seated position, to show that Jews were victorious and can now recline in freedom Unrolled and folded up so it looks like a letter of dispatch Attached on both ends to oak poles, similar to a Torah scroll Read in the original Aramaic

Qustion 5. On Purim we read the Book of Esther

Once Twice Three times Only if we're in the mood

Qustion 6. The scroll of Esther is read with

The same cantillation also used for the Torah The same cantillation also used for the haftarah A special cantillation specifically for Esther The same cantillation also used for the Song of Songs and Ruth

Qustion 7. True or False: Unlike Torah scrolls, many scrolls of Esther are illuminated with illustrations of the narrative.

True False

Qustion 8. True or False: Traditionally, Purim was a holiday where celebrants drank until they were unable to tell the difference between Mordecai and Haman.

True False

Qustion 9. Hamantashen get their name from the Yiddish meaning

Haman’s ear Haman’s nose Haman’s fingers Haman’s pockets

Qustion 10. What was the name of the King of Persia in the Purim story?

King Ahasuerus King David King Antiochus IV King Ahab
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