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Passover celebrates the biblical exodus from Egypt, but its focus on freedom in general has earned it a special place on the Jewish calendar. More Jews participate in a seder than any other Jewish ritual.How much do you know about Passover history and rituals?

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Qustion 1. The earliest version of the Four Questions was preserved by

Christian Monks The Tannaim The Jerusalem Talmud Pirkei Avot

Qustion 2. True or False: Hag ha-Aviv, or "the Spring Festival," is another name for Passover.

True False

Qustion 3. What is the name for matzah that has been made from wheat that has been watched from the time of harvesting until the final baking to ensure that no water, heat, or other natural processes cause it to begin fermentation?

Shemurah matzah Spelt matzah Streit's matzah Safety matzah

Qustion 4. Which of the following generally are not considered kitniyot

Beans Rice Bananas Corn Peanuts

Qustion 5. How many sons are there in the Haggadah

3 9 7 4 8

Qustion 6. Which is a Passover-related fast?

Ta'anit Bekhorim Ta'anit Esther Tisha B'Av Yom Kippur

Qustion 7. On the first day of Passover we say a special prayer asking for

Sustenance in the year to come Abundant bread in the year to come The messiah to come and end Passover Dew to fall in Israel over the dry summer months

Qustion 8. Haroset is meant to look like

Mortar Clay Garbage Glue

Qustion 9. The song Had Gadya is about

One stick The Ten Commandments One Goat Two Tablets

Qustion 10. The counting of the Omer lasts

56 days 49 days Two weeks 8 months 1 year
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