Pairs in the Bible

Two by two in the Tanakh.

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Qustion 1. Who were the two spies who returned from scouting the Land of Israel with a positive attitude?

Joshua and Caleb Aaron and Nahshon Miriam and Yocheved Caleb and Nahshon

Qustion 2. Which of the following siblings were twins?

Isaac and Ishmael Jacob and Esau Miriam and Aaron Simeon and Levi

Qustion 3. What are the names of the two midwives who saved baby Israelites from being thrown in the Nile?

Miriam and Esther Osnat and Dinah Tamar and Dinah Shifra and Puah

Qustion 4. What kind of animals went into Noah's ark two by two?

All animals Only non-kosher animals Only kosher animals All the non-dinosaur animals

Qustion 5. What are the names of Jacob's two concubines?

Zeresh and Hagar Hagar and Keturah Bilhah and Zilpah Rachel and Leah
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