Modern Holidays Quiz

Contemporary Jews observe holidays that commemorate events in recent Jewish history such as the Holocaust and the creation of the State of Israel.
How much do you know about modern Jewish holidays?

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Qustion 1. The Chief Rabbinate of Israel decided this should be said on Yom Ha’atzmaut?

Yizkor Hallel Selichot Al HaNissim Tal

Qustion 2. In Israel, which of these is always true?

Yom Hazikaron always comes right before Yom Ha'atzmaut. Yom Yerushalayim always comes the day after Yom Ha'atzmaut. Yom Yerushalayim and Yom Ha'atzmaut are the same day. Yom Hazikaron is always on Shabbat.

Qustion 3. In the Second Temple period, what kind of holiday was Tu B’av?

A day when the majority of couples got married A matchmaking day for unmarried people A day for offering special sacrifices in the Temple A day when farmers and artisans would bring their goods to Jerusalem and sell them

Qustion 4. True or False: It is common to light memorial candles on Yom HaShoah

True False

Qustion 5. The Mishnah teaches that on the 15th of Av, the daughters of Jerusalem would wear

Black robes White clothing Natural fibers Straw hats No leather

Qustion 6. Original proposals for Yom HaShoah had it closer to the holiday of

Sukkot Shavuot Passover Hanukkah Purim

Qustion 7. When do the two sirens go off in Israel on Yom Hazikaron?

8:00 P.M. and 11 A.M. 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. Sunset and Sunrise 10:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.

Qustion 8. What is Israel’s independence day called?

Tu B’av Tisha B’av Yom Tov Yom Ha’atzmaut

Qustion 9. What is the origin of Tu B'Av?

It was started on early Israeli kibbutzim as a Jewish Valentine's Day. It was a matchmaking day for unmarried women in the second Temple period. The date was adopted by the First Zionist Congress. It was originally produced by JDate. None of the above.

Qustion 10. When does Yom Hashoah take place?

27th of Nissan 27th of Adar 17th of Nissan 17th of Adar
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