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The four minor fasts on the Jewish calendar commemorate tragedies in Jewish history such as the murder of Gedaliah, the Jewish governor of Judah, and the breach of the walls around Jerusalem in 70 CE.

How much do you know about these days?

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Qustion 1. What does the Fast of Esther commemorate?

The day the Jews were to be slaughtered, until Esther appealed to the king and saved them The fast Esther began prior to visiting the king The day that Haman led Mordecai through the streets of Shushan The yahrzeit of Esther

Qustion 2. Which fast day only applies to certain people?

Tenth of Tevet Fast of the Firstborn Fast of Esther Yom Kippur

Qustion 3. The following prayer is said on minor fast days

Al Hanissim Avinu Malkeinu Kiddish Hoshanah

Qustion 4. The 17th of Tammuz marks the beginning of

The High Holidays The Three Weeks before Tisha B'av Winter The counting of the Omer

Qustion 5. Who does the Fast of Gedaliah honor?

A Babylonian-appointed official who was put in charge of the Jews One of the fairest and most equitable judges in the Book of Judges A non-Jewish woman who married the evil king Nebuchadnezzar and murdered him in his sleep The first and fifth Chabad rebbes

Qustion 6. How can a firstborn son get out of his obligation to fast on Erev Pesach?

Attend a "siyyum," or conclusion, of a book of Talmud being read Sleep in Eat matzah for an extra day None of these

Qustion 7. What did leaders of the Hasidic movement recommend instead of fasting on non-fixed fast days?

Increasing one's performance of good deeds The addition of a fourth Amidah to one's daily prayers Preparing and eating a joyous meal Studying Torah

Qustion 8. Ta'anit Bekhorim takes place on

The 10th of Tevet The 17th of Tammuz The 15th of Nissan The 1st of Nissan The 14th of Nissan

Qustion 9. What anniversary does the Tenth of Tevet mark?

The birthday of Nebuchadnezzar, the tyrant who exiled the Jews The beginning of the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem The day before the first Passover offering The day that the walls of Jerusalem were breached

Qustion 10. Some people fast on the 7th day of Adar, which is believed to be...

The day Moses received the Ten Commandments The day the Red Sea split into two The day Moses died The day Pharaoh died The day the world was created
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