Jewish Ritual Objects Quiz

From a Torah to a seder plate, apples and honey to a mezuzah, Jewish life is full of ritual objects that help us perform mitzvot (commandments) and live Jewish lives. How much do you know about Jewish ritual objects?

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Qustion 1. For which holiday do people build a physical structure outside the home?

Hanukkah Shavuot Tisha B'Av Sukkot

Qustion 2. Which of these objects is meant to be affixed on the doorways of one's home?

Pushke Mezuzah Terumah Haggadah

Qustion 3. How many wicks must a havdalah candle have?

More than one At least three Four Seven

Qustion 4. What does one do with a lulav?

Eat it in the sukkah Shake it Smell it before bed and upon awaking All of the above

Qustion 5. Which of the following is NOT a blast of the shofar?

Tekiah Shamashim Shevarim Teruah

Qustion 6. Which of the following books are used in a regular Shabbat morning service?

Siddur and Humash Siddur and Mahzor Mahzor and Humash Humash and Bentcher

Qustion 7. According to the haggadah, what is the bread of affliction?

Tam-Tams Matzah Challah Bitter Herbs

Qustion 8. Which of the following is NOT used in the havdalah service?

candle spice box feather kiddush cup

Qustion 9. True or False: A megillah scroll looks just like a Torah scroll

True False

Qustion 10. Which of the following is used in bedikat hametz?

Feather Spices Matzah Siddur
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