Jewish Languages Quiz

From Hebrew to Aramaic, Ladino, Yiddish, and Judaeo-Arabic–how much do you know about the languages that Jews spoke in the past and continue to speak today?

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Qustion 1. What do the Hebrew words Barukh, Melekh, Tov, and Vaed have in common?

They are all in the first sentence of the Torah They are among the most common words in Hebrew prayers They are all different words that mean "good" They are all palindromes

Qustion 2. In 1856, the first regular weekly Hebrew newspaper, Ha‑Maggid, began publication where?

France Israel (Palestine) Russia Spain

Qustion 3. What does The National Yiddish Book Center do?

Offer Yiddish classes to graduate students Preserve Jewish books Allow students to shelve Yiddish books in the Center's library All of the above

Qustion 4. Which of these is NOT mostly Hebrew?

The Bible The Jewish liturgy The Mishnah The Gemara

Qustion 5. How many letters are in the Hebrew alphabet?

26 30 22 20

Qustion 6. Which Jewish mystic is known for developing a meditative system based on the Hebrew alphabet?

Abraham Abulafia Rabbi Isaac Luria Israel ben Eliezer Abraham ben David

Qustion 7. Which of these is NOT a Jewish hybrid language?

Judeo-Chinese Judeo-Italian Judeo-Spanish Yiddish Judeo-Greek

Qustion 8. What was the original name of the block letters used in Torah scrolls and most printed Hebrew texts?

Ktav ashuri Ktav ivri Lashon ha-kodesh Ivrit

Qustion 9. When did Hebrew's primacy as a spoken language begin to diminish?

After the destruction of the First Temple and the exile that followed After the destruction of the Second Temple and the exile that followed The end of the second millennium C.E. The arrival of the Jews in Canaan after wandering in the desert

Qustion 10. What language is The Zohar written in?

Hebrew Arabic Aramaic German
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