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Jewish authorities have produced over time a major body of legal texts, governing nearly every aspect of Jewish practice–or Halakhah. How much do you know about Jewish law and its foundational texts?

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Qustion 1. Which is a handbook for Conservative rabbis?

Sefer Ha-Sh'iltot Moreh Derekh Iggerot Moshe Etz Hayyim Humash

Qustion 2. How many rabbis are on the Conservative Movement's Committee on Jewish Law and Standards?

3 12 25 71

Qustion 3. What was Rabbi Moshe Feinstein's ruling regarding taking out life insurance?

It violates the principle of trusting in God It is like any other business transaction--God helps those who help themselves It is not forbidden, but is frowned upon, as a form of gambling He never issued a ruling regarding life insurance

Qustion 4. What do most scholars believe about the She'iltot?

It was meant as a specific legal code for one community It was originally a collection of sermons It was originally one extended discourse It was first discovered with the Dead Sea Scrolls

Qustion 5. While studying halakhah, which of the following did the yeshivas of Lithuania emphasize in the 1800s and early 1900s?

Practical application Theoretical application They emphasized both equally

Qustion 6. Who wrote the Shulhan Arukh?

Maimonides Joseph Caro Judah the Prince Nahman of Braslav

Qustion 7. Who was the author of the Iggerot Moshe?

Moses ben Maimon Moshe Feinstein Moses Mendelsohn Joseph Caro

Qustion 8. Which of these rabbis authored works on Reform Jewish practice?

Ovadiah Yosef Solomon Freehof Isaac Klein Moshe Feinstein

Qustion 9. Who is Ovadiah Yosef?

The author of the Tur, the predecessor of the Shulhan Arukh A popular Sephardic Orthodox rabbi and the author of his own halakhic compilation A leading German scholar of the "Positive-Historical" approach to Judaism The compiler of the Kitzur Shulhan Arukh

Qustion 10. Which of these primary halakhic texts was written first?

Arba'ah Turim Shulhan Arukh Mishneh Torah Igrot Moshe
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