Free Will Quiz

The paradox of human free will and God's infinite knowledge and power has troubled Jewish thinkers at every point in Jewish history. How much do you know about this debate?

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Qustion 1. Which of these modern scientific advances challenge the Jewish idea of free will?

Sigmund Freud's suggestion that our behaviors are guided by unconscious drives Genetic science about the extent to which our lives and inclinations are programmed into our biological constitution Discoveries about organic aspects of our personalities A & B only All of the above

Qustion 2. Which talmudic sage said that "everything is in the hands of Heaven except the fear of Heaven"?

Shimon bar Yohai Hanina ben Hama Shmuel Rava bar bar Hama

Qustion 3. Many kabbalists believe that God's providence does not extend to which of the following?

Animals Tzaddikim Hasidic Jews People who do not study Kabbalah

Qustion 4. What does the Apocryphal writer Ben Sira believe about predetermination?

That God has predetermined human character from birth That humanity is divided into two antithetical groups, the godly and the sinners That human beings are free to choose their individual life paths and must not blame God for their transgressions All of these None of these

Qustion 5. True or false: In antiquity, the different sects in Israel (Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes) all agreed about fate and determinism.

True False

Qustion 6. Which of these problems concerned medieval philosophers?

How to reconcile free will and divine providence How to reconcile free will and divine foreknowledge How to ensure that human beings experience the feeling of freedom A & B only All of the above

Qustion 7. Which of the following thinkers posited that having free choice is not as good a state as doing right automatically?

Nahmanides Hasdai Crescas Kierkegaard Ibn Ezra

Qustion 8. What does the term hashgahah mean?

Predetermination Divine providence Free Will Godliness

Qustion 9. True or false: Jewish tradition assumes that humans’ actions are significant in the greater scheme of things.

True False

Qustion 10. True or false: The Bible has examples of God announcing predetermined events and interfering with individual choices.

True False
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