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The Hebrew Bible is hardly bound by its covers; it has inspired significant commentary and criticism. How much do you know about the contents of the Bible, and about biblical scholarship?

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Qustion 1. How many books are in the Hebrew Bible?

13 613 32 24

Qustion 2. Which of these is NOT a section of the Hebrew Bible?

Torah Nevi’im Talmud Ketuvim

Qustion 3. Which of the following books was written in part in Aramaic?

Daniel Nehemiah Chronicles Lamentations

Qustion 4. Ecclesiastes, Esther, Song of Songs, Ruth, and Lamentations are together known by what name?

Kohelet The Megillot Ketuvim Tehillim

Qustion 5. What is the name of the son born to Abraham and Hagar (Sarah’s servant)?

Isaac Ishmael Joseph Lot

Qustion 6. Which of the following prophets doesn't have a book named after him?

Isaiah Elijah Samuel Joshua

Qustion 7. True or false: The Bible as a whole makes no claim for divine authorship.

True False

Qustion 8. According to the account in Genesis, God made Eve from what part of Adam’s body?

A rib A finger A hair A drop of blood

Qustion 9. Which of these books is NOT part of the former prophets?

The Book of Joshua The Book of Judges The Book of Samuel The Book of Isaiah

Qustion 10. Why do many modern Bible scholars believe that the Torah had multiple authors or redactors?

Because the Torah has internal contradictions Because there are shifts in language between different sections of the Torah Because different sections of the Torah reflect different outlooks All of these reasons
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