Bible Characters Quiz

From Adam to Zechariah, Haggai to Haman, the Bible is full of interesting personalities. Heroes, villains, prophets and problem children, we've got 'em all. Test your knowledge of Bible characters!

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Qustion 1. Elijah’s protégé is named

Elisha Elyakim Adonijah Haggai

Qustion 2. Who is the oldest of Jacob's sons?

Gad Reuben Judah Joseph

Qustion 3. The prophet Jonah is sent to what city?

Tarshish Nineveh Beit El Be'er Sheva

Qustion 4. How many books in the Tanakh are named after women?

None 2 4 5

Qustion 5. Joseph is known for his ability to

herd cattle play the lyre hunt interpret dreams

Qustion 6. What is the name of David’s bed-warmer?

Ahinoa Avishag Avigail Hadassah

Qustion 7. What is Moses's mother's name?

Yochebed Miriam Tziporah Vashti

Qustion 8. King Saul is described as being

Red headed Tall Strong Obedient

Qustion 9. Heggai is

A eunuch in Ahasuerus's palace A minor prophet One of Daniel's students A King of Israel

Qustion 10. Which prophet becomes a vegetarian in order to avoid unkosher food?

Ezra Nehemiah Daniel Zachariah
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