Wow, Eurovision Still Exists?!

When it comes to award ceremonies, the Grammys are at the low end of the spectrum. To put this into perspective, Britney Spears has a Grammy. In 2006, Green Day won Best Record for “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” Seriously, listen to that song and tell me it was the best song you heard in 2006.

Yeah, Green Day, I’m sure all of your dreams of being famous musicians haven’t come true. Receiving an award for that song must be one of the more ironic moments in history, right?

Possibly dumber than the Grammy Awards though is Eurovision, the annual European musical competition. Every country gets a song entry and they go up against each other like its the World Cup, except way lamer.

Israel always seems to do well in Eurovision. I’m not totally sure why. Nor do I really care. And every time Israel does well, Jews always come out pretending to love the lame song. This year is no different.

Actually, it’s a little different. This year’s entry is a duet featuring Noa and Mira Awad, who is an Israel-Arab. It is the first time an Israel-Arab has represented Israel in the competition.

The song is about, surprise surprise, peace and co-existence!

For once, can’t Israelis and Arabs come together and not talk about peace and co-existence? Sing a song together about getting drunk and buying fancy cars! You know, things we can relate to!

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