Words Cannot Explain My Excitement

Go visit your local college campus. Walk into the Hillel House and take a look at the different clubs that are offered. There are Talmud study groups, Israel Advocacy organizations, and for some reason, almost always, a Jewish a Capella group.

Jews love a Cappella. For some reason, the people who join think that it is an excuse to join choir and still somehow look cool (Sorry. You don’t). There is tons of Jewish music that groups can work with. More than that though, it’s much easier to get into a Jewish a Capella group than a generic one.

So why is it that if a Capella seems like a such a Jewish thing to do, joining the Glee Club is one of the more non-Jewish sounding things you can do. Let me prove this to you:

When I search “Jewish a Capella” on Google, I get 1,220 results. When I search “Jewish Glee Club,” I get nine. Why is this? Glee clubs normally only sing short songs. Maybe Jews like to ramble?

Be that as it may, I have to say that I don’t remember being more excited for a new show than I am for “Glee,” premiering on Fox in May.

It describes itself as a musical comedy and is made by the creator of Nip/Tuck. Not only do the jokes in the promos look hilarious, but supposedly, there will be more than one musical number per episode!

Breathe Jeremy. Just breathe.


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