Where were the Jews?

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In this week’s Jewish Week, our friend Mik Moore from jspot considers the lack of Jewish representation at the YearlyKos convention of progressive bloggers.

One of the guiding philosophies of DailyKos, as articulated by its founder and namesake, Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, is the belief that interest groups have hurt the Democratic Party and progressive politics in America. Kos has repeatedly attacked organizations like NARAL, a pro-choice group, for endorsing vulnerable Republican members of Congress because of their voting record on singular issues of importance to them.

These interest groups, according to Kos, represent the “old� way of doing business. They focus on their own, often narrow issues instead of helping to build a progressive movement. This parochialism accurately describes the current state of much of the Jewish civic square.


Posted on August 23, 2007

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