Viral AJWS

You always want to try to be ahead of the curve. No one wants to be the guy who posts a viral video a month late (but feel free to post this one–always an exception). So before I’m deemed uncool, I’m going to pass along this video which is unofficially (?) from our good friends at the American Jewish World Service. Because believe me, this video is going viral.

Judd Apatow (of being talented fame) is a big time Jew. Just watch any of his movies. Jew this. Jew that. Jew, Jew, Jew all the time. But this video takes the Jewish cake (which would be what? Kosher for Passover lemon roll?).

Apatow, with what I assume was the permission of AJWS but without their creative input, got a bunch of his famous friends together (Don Johnson is apparently still famous) to promote the work of the amazing organization. And what came out of it was some pretty funny material.

You may not believe me that with a video that includes Jerry Seinfeld, Gilbert Gottfried and Tracy Morgan, the two funniest people in this thing are Helen Hunt and Brian Williams. Granted Helen Hunt was in Mad About You, but she was also in Twister (which was an unintentional comedy).

Watch it. Pass it on.

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