Two Joels

Yeah, they share a name, but televangelist Joel Osteen and Yeshiva University president Richard Joel have something else in common: They’ve both been nominated for MSNBC’s (Baby) Boomer Hall of Fame in the field of Religion & Education.

Richard Joel’s a great guy and all, but his presence on this list is almost as mysterious as the fact that Religion and Education are clumped together here. It’s hard to imagine how of all the Jewish religious leaders of the Boomer generation Joel was the one selected.

Does he have a friend at MSNBC?

Ultimately, this list is of little significance, but that won’t stop some from rallying behind President Joel.

My sister, who tipped me off to this quirky poll, just forwarded me this email from a West Orange, NJ synagogue listserve:


Date: Monday, December 18, 2006 3:58 pm

Subject: [WestOrangeShuls] Newsweek – vote for Richard Joel

Vote for YU President; Save The World

Richard Joel is on this list for Newsweek’s Baby Boomers at 60, so I encourage everyone to vote. Next stop: Cover of Newsweek. Takes 5 seconds of your time, literally. Forward to everyone you know!

Lets make this a great Kiddush Hashem!


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