The New Year Will Be Televised

Last year, we got an awesome letter — from Antarctica — asking whether we knew of any services that would be broadcast over the Internet. (By the way, it resulted in an even awesomer interview.)

kol nidre onlineThis year, the Jewish TV Network is running a live streaming online broadcast of Kol Nidre services. If you’re stranded in an un-Jewish-inhabited area and don’t know what to do — or even if you just can’t afford services and there’s no Chabad or other free service nearby — you can tune in. The services are broadcast from Nashuva in Los Angeles, and are led by Rabbi Naomi Levy, who was named one of the top 50 rabbis in America, if you believe the Newsweek poll (or if you believe my friends who keep raving about her).

So, whether you’re in Antarctica without a prayerbook or on the island from Lost and don’t know the tune to “Hineni”, there’s someplace you can turn. God bless the Internet.


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