The Most Jewish Show on TV?

I have some news for you. Curb Your Enthusiasm may not be the most Jewish show out there. That title has to go to Adult Swim’s Delocated.

For those of you who don’t know what Delocated is, I’ll fill you in quickly on one of the weirdest comedies in history. “Jon” played by Jon Glaser, is being hunted down by the Russian mafia, so he enters his family into the witness protection program. The catch is that he is also a bit of a fame whore and hires a camera crew to follow around his family to create a reality show about life in the witness protection program.  Then the guy who is trying to kill him gets his own reality show.

I didn’t say it wasn’t weird.

But beyond weird, as I said, this show is incredibly Jewish. Just take this past sunday’s episode for instance. “Jon,” out of fear that his ex-wife will convince his son to convert to Catholicism, asks his new girlfriend to convert to Judaism to show his son that Judaism is cool. In turn, she starts wearing a sheitl, makes Jewish food and speaks with a yiddish accent.

Or, if you want to go back to last season, here is a clip from “Jon’s” son’s bar mitzvah and subsequent bar mitzvah party. After you watch this, you’ll wonder as much as I did as to why the ska mitzvah hasn’t caught on yet.

Oh, and don’t let your kids watch this.

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