The Idiots Guide To…

I love Amazon. One can buy just about anything and everything. I personally use it for dog bones, Muppet DVDs, and media players, among many other things.

You can also get great advice, such as what to get the “glamour girl” in your life, how to view an author’s blog or a how-to guide to becoming an anti-Zionist…

Come again?

That’s right. If you weren’t sure just exactly how to dislike the great occupier state of Israel, a page titled “So you’d like to be an anti-Zionist” will walk you through what are must-haves for your personal library.

It includes all the essentials: Noam Chomsky, Norman G. Finklestein, and Edward Said.

And free second-day shipping if you spend 25 or more of your blood-tainted, Israeli-terrorist supporting American dollars.


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