The Bronfmans on Intermarriage

I gotta tell ya, if I write any more about Edgar Bronfman and his family, I might get a restraining order put on me. But here is a good video from JTA about Edgar and his son Adam and their views on intermarriage and accepting intermarried families into the Jewish community.

Adam himself is intermarried. But if you watch the video, you will see that he is one of the success stories. The way he describes his family makes it sound like he and his wife did a very good job at raising Jewish kids.

Edgar and Adam are major funders of the website (and our friends),

I’ll let the video speak for itself. However, on a semi related note, Adam’s nephew, and Edgar’s grandson, Benjamin Brewer, is now engaged to British-Sri Lankan hip-hop star, MIA, of “Paper Planes” fame. I guess he packs and delivers like a UPS truck.


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