That’s What He Said.

In this case, “He” is actually Hebrew for “She.” But by the time you understand what I’m talking about, the joke is clearly not funny anymore.

Regardless, news overseas is that there will be an Israeli version of NBC’s hit show, The Office. The Office, if you don’t watch it, is a Mockumentary television show about the staff of the Scranton, PA branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

Not that I’m going to watch the Israeli version, but I have to admit that if one show is meant for Israeli television, this might be it. What makes The Office so funny are the characters. No one is alike. Everyone is an absurd version of themselves. You have the gay latino accountant; the big fat doufus; the beet farmer; the drunk divorcee; the man who may or may not be homeless; the woman who loves cats, etc.

While I don’t have the full cast list, I do know that a couple of the characters in the Israeli version sound pretty funny. You got the Arab factory worker, the angry Russian worker and the Ultra-Orthodox accountant. If Israel has anything, it has some pretty absurd citizens, so it isn’t so much of a stretch to put them all together in an office.

Apologies to anyone outside of the US. This video won’t work for you.

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