Plagues Illustrated

We’re within a fortnight of Pesach, and it’s crunch time for many Jews. There’s the cleaning and cooking, and more cleaning and more cooking.

And probably a little prep time for seder.

That’s where Mixed Multitudes comes in. We’re using these next two weeks to provide you with some potentially helpful and occasionally funny links to make your Pesach more interesting this year.

And what better way to start than with the 10 Plagues… Acted out… By Legos… And Peeps.


The Brick Testament is an illustrated Bible that is extremely in depth (line-by-line) done entirely with Lego characters. Check out Exodus for the 10 Plagues and the whole story of Pesach. [Caution: Lego violence in some pictures.]

Meanwhile, one creative Flickr user has Peeps, those famous marshmallow Easter bunnies, acting out the plagues. Perhaps the best one is a giant Kermit the Frog doll eating the Peeps as tsfardeia. As one commenter noted: “It isn’t Kermit that makes this one particularly hysterical. I think it is the plague of a single giant oversized frog (singular).”


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