Here at MJL, we love food. We have a monthly recipe e-letter as well as a whole section devoted to it. We also tend to eat it every day.
So we’re excited that Jewcy has launched an entire blog about food–Pickled:

There’s something a-rye in the world of Jewish cuisine. Few can name Jewish dishes outside the realm of matzah ball soup and latkes. Yet Jewish cuisine, stemming from Eastern European, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern origins, is as richly varied as, say, American nouveau. You won’t find it as often on menus because the culinary nouveau love affair has circumvented Jewish food—which is why Jewish delis are falling like dominoes and the cuisine as a whole feels less and less in touch with the needs of modern diners.

But Jewish food should be more relevant than ever because there’s so much to rediscover and reinvent, which is what Pickled is all about. Pickled will go beyond matzah balls, pastrami sandwiches, and kosher dietary laws (though we’ll blog plenty about these, too) to bring you fresh twists of old-fashioned recipes. We’ll interview purveyors of nouveau Jewish noshes, from chefs to restaurateurs to hosts of the best neighborhood block parties. (MORE)

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