My Favorite Unkosher Food

What’s your favorite unkosher food? Bacon? Ham? Lobster looks very appetizing. But none of those compare to my favorite.

Lox and bagels.

What you talkin’ about Jeremy? Lox is unkosher? Well, according to the Chevra Mehadrin, a group of rabbis in Monsey, NY, it is. They claim that smoked salmon contains a parasitic worm, and therefore cannot be eaten in clean conscience by a kosher-law abiding Jew.

Many of you might dispute these rabbis claims. After all, no one is forcing you to eat anything you don’t want to eat. But there is a much larger, and real issue at hand.

If you are a long time reader of Mixed Multitudes, you will remember the Jewish Food Tourney that I held in back in early 2009. Back then, lox was kosher. So, naturally I ranked it #2. It lost in a classic Final Four match against the eventual champion, challah.

But now, it just seems like the whole tournament has been tainted. This is, at least in my head, just as big as the Black Sox scandal.

I apologize to the sport of fake tournaments. I’ve ashamed my family. You can call me Joe Jackson from now on.

UPDATE: According to LoHud.com, the Chevra Mehadrin has denied to ever have made this claim. I take back my apology. I am innocent!

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