Move Over, Dmitry

If you haven’t yet seen Orthodox Stance, Jason Hutt’s excellent documentary about Orthodox Jewish boxer Dmitriy Salita, you can check out upcoming screenings here.

But while Dmitry keeps kosher and won’t fight on Shabbat, it seems there’s a new boxer on the scene who is even more of a Super Jew.

Today, the New York Times featured an article on Yuri Foreman a professional light middleweight boxer — who is also studying to be a rabbi.

Foreman said his studies to become an Orthodox rabbi eased the physical stress of his boxing training. But he said he set the sport aside while reading the Talmud or attending classes twice a week at IYYUN, a Jewish institute in Brooklyn.

“Boxing and Judaism go side by side, because it’s a lot of challenges,� he said. “I would love to be a world champion and a rabbi.�



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