Moses gets served!

The good folks at have come out with a pretty funny video satirizing Moses’ leadership while in the desert. Most of the video is a Moses Celebrity Roast (think Dean Martin, but with jokes referring to parts of the body besides the heart that God hardens). You can watch the clip below.

But before we get to that, in the spirit of roasting Moses, I have decided to roast another Moses, myself.

So Jeremy is the new editorial fellow at MyJewishLearning. You know, good for him. But have you seen his copy-editing skills? He spells Halakha without a “k.” What an idiot!

Jeremy blogged a couple of weeks ago about how he and Natalie Portman are meant for each other. Go for it Jeremy. You have as good a chance with her as she does winning Best Actress for her role in The Other Boleyn Girl.  Ouch.

Speaking of his blog, have you read that thing? Doesn’t it sound like one huge inside joke with no one but himself? Also, why does he use so much self-despricating humor? He’s like Woody Allen but without the Asian fetish (and the humor).

Thanks Jeremy. You’ve been a great sport! Hope everyone had a good time.  I’ll be here for the next two years.

Hopefully you skipped that. Here is the video:


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