More Punk Music

I don’t claim to be an expert on music. It’s not my “forte,” so to speak. Let’s just say that I just sent this tweet over to the fine people over at the Universal Record Database: Accidentally on the verge of setting record for most times listening to T. Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me‘ in a row. Only @urdb would be proud. Not my finest hour (or hours).

But whenever some cool music¬† is passed along to me, I’m still able to say “rad” and “cool” just as well as all the rest of the hipsters. Like today, for example, when the great duo of Stereo Sinai (just because it isn’t Hanukkah, that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to their awesome version of Mi Yimalel) sent us this great find.

In the first video you will find Jeffrey Lewis giving a short musical lesson on the history of punk music. The second video is a cute Yiddish song about eating potatoes every day of the week. You would think that the two have nothing in common. You’re thinking would be wrong.

First listen to the punk music video starting at about the 2:20 mark to about 2:45. Beware of some language. DEFINITELY not for children. It’s punk music after all.¬† When you’re done with that, listen to the second song. The similarities between the two are amazing.

I knew that punk music came down to a love of potato kugel. I just knew it.


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