Over at the Fundermentalist, Jacob Berkman and the JTA staff have come up with a list of Jewish organizations that can merge in order to save precious resources. Their ideas so far include:

The orgs:The American Jewish Committee and the American Jewish Congress.
The reason: We all think the Jewish alphabet soup would be better off with one AJC. (Too easy?)

The orgs: Jewish Funds for Justice, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, Panim: The Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values, Avoda: The Jewish Service Corps, Mazon and The Jewish Council on Urban Affairs.
The reason: We’d call it United Torah Judaism

The orgs: The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the American Jewish World Service.
The reason: Old school with great Jewish mission, reach and some real financial umph meets new school with great social vision and incredible momentum.

The orgs: The Jewish Agency and the Israeli government.
The reason: Come on, Charles Bronfman says they are already one anyway. (We Joke. We Joke.)

The orgs: The Jewish Funders Network and The Jewish National Fund.
The reason: JFN + JNF = Maybe money does grow on trees?

The orgs: BBYO, ADL, Hillel, and Jewish Women International
The reason: We think “The Spawn of B’nai B’rith� is a bad a$$ name for a Jewish org.

The orgs: JTA and The Forward Association’s gazillion-dollar endowment.
The reason: Come on, the Fundermentalist can at least dream of getting a new computer, right? (MORE)

Oh but Fundermentalist, you failed to notice the Jewish blogosphere. Here’s a suggestion from MJL.

The blogs: Jewcy, Jewschool, and Jewlicious.
The reason: Smart, snarky, and self important hipster Jews get to make fun of themselves and their friends for the very things they love do and think. They could call it Jewciliouschool.


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