Maccabi Film Festival This Weekend

Hanukkah is known for a couple of things. Food. Presents. Dreidels. And maybe most underrated, ews kicking some butt. And this weekend, Park Slope Jewish Center is celebrating the Maccabean revolt by holding an awesome sounding film festival featuring movies about Jews in sports.

One highlight of the festival will definitely be on Saturday night, with the screening of
Orthodox Stance
, the documentary about Dmitriy Salita, the Orthodox boxer.

The film will be sure to paint Salita in a positive light. Which is a good thing because if you follow boxing at all, you would know that Salita could use some cheering up these days.

This past Saturday in Newcastle, England, Salita, at the time 30-0-1, fought Amir Khan for the WBA light-welterweight championship. But Salita might have met his match. He was knocked to the floor 10 seconds in, and was knocked out after 76 seconds. Ouch.

Click here for the schedule of the Maccabi Film Festival.

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