Learning Network for Educators

From our friends at Darim Online:

The Darim Learning Network for Educators is a new program for congregational and complementary educators who work with middle and high school students. It builds on the success of Darim Online’s Learning Network for Synagogues, a two year old program which attracts executive directors, communications professionals and lay leadership of synagogues to learn how to use their web site and email tools most effectively.

  • Are you looking for opportunities to integrate educational technologies and new media like blogs, wikis, and social networking into your work?
  • Are you a creative, curious, risk-taking educator in a Jewish congregational or other complementary Jewish educational setting?
  • Do you work with middle school and/or high school students?
  • Do you have a really great idea for using educational technology that you’ve wanted to test out?
  • Are you interested in joining a community of like-minded educators for a year of intensive professional development and collaborative learning?

Yes?! We invite you to apply to membership in the new Darim Online Learning Network for Educators.

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about their work as Jewish educators, who are willing to take risks to integrate innovative 21st century learning skills, strategies, and technologies into their Jewish learning and teaching experiences, and who are excited about working collaboratively with other educators. Participants are not required to be proficient in the use of these technologies, but they must be willing to experiment and reflect on their work within a community of like-minded educators.

Applications are available here and must be submitted by June 13.


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