Kvetching About Minyan

A lot has been written about the independent minyan movement, but most of that writing isn’t so funny. Not that it’s supposed to be.

But this review of Kehilat Romemu — New York’s self-described inspirational, Kabbalistic, transdenominational, integral congregation — on David Kelsey’s blog is beautifully hilarious — and helpfully evocative at the same time:

First of all, they have a minhag that everyone has to be touching the bread, by touching someone who is touching the bread. This was perhaps the goofiest things I have witnessed at a minyan ever (and I have been to K.O.E.). But then they go and pass the bread not in a plate, but by their hands. One to the other. I was at the end of the table. It’s really disgusting. THAT was stupid. They should stop that. It’s not spiritual, it’s not apikorsus. It’s narishkeit that does nothing for anyone.

But I’ll probably go back, though not on a regular basis. But I have friends who go there, and like being with them, and met some nice new people as well, like this one girl who told me she fell of a cliff and her dormitory burned down, and that’s why she was wearing a sweatshirt.



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