Kosher Tacos

People of Los Angeles–drop everything you are doing.

I’m a big fan of food trucks. In Montreal, where I grew up, they are illegal. So it really wasn’t until I came to New York that I discovered the allure of cheap street food. Ever since my first bite of fish over rice, I’ve never looked back.

Here in Midtown Manhattan, there are even a couple of kosher food trucks, mostly serving falafel and other generic Israeli products. They do the job, but there is nothing that would blow you out of the water.

And this is where Los Angeles beats New York. It doesn’t happen often, but that city on the West Coast has finally topped us.

Because the newest food truck in L.A. is “Takosher,” a glatt kosher Mexican taco truck. I’m actually speechless. I didn’t think the day would come. And the day is more glorious than I ever imagined it would be.

Let’s take a quick look at the menu. While some of the food looks like classic Mexican cuisine, they do have one Jewish twisted taco: The Original Latketaco (pictured above). This the description from their site:

A combination of three types of potato, cilantro, onions and roasted chipotle chiles; battered, breaded, deep fried and topped with a sweet and spicy apple jalapeƱo chutney.

I’ll repeat this only one more time. People of Los Angeles–drop everything you are doing. Go to Takosher right now. I want reports.

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